Help for Pauk Android App

You must use the Desktop Application (Windows or Mac) for creating and editing cards.

+ Icon: Loads all .pau files whichare available on your Android device. The .pau files can come from eMail attachements or from your Dropbox account.

Cloud Download Icon: Loads a .pau file from your Dropbox account, or from your Android Download folder. Any .pau file in your Dorbox account is visible and can be downloaded (sync) on your device. These files are accessible behind the + button. Open the synced files via the + button.

Save Disk Icon: Saves the .pau file that you are currently using back to your device. Any recent progress will be saved.

Cloud Upload Icon: Saves the .pau file that you are currently using to your Dropbox Account. Any recent progress will be saved.

Import .pau files via eMail. Send your .pau file to any eMail address. After receiving the Mail with the .pau attachment, tap on the .pau attachment to see the saving options popping up. Tap on “save” to save the file on your Android device and follow the instructions. The file will be loaded into Pauk and stored behind the + button.

paukerHelp for Pauk Android App